Minutes November 2018



Minutes November 2018

November 14, 2018

TIME:  6:30 PM

LOCATION:  Cambria Rabobank, 1070 Main Street

  • Call to Order and Establish a Quorum

Director Swartz nominated Paul Nugent as director.  Elected by ballot 5-0.

Directors present:  Crosby Swartz, Laura Swartz, Julie Jorgensen, Paul Nugent, Harry Farmer (CCSD), Art Van Ryan (Greenspace)

Guests present:  Casey Nugent, Donn Howell, Peter Frey, Tony Church, Karen Dean, Glynda Hopkins, Brenda Gale, Elizabeth Ehlers, John Ehlers, Susan Kersey, Bill Machado, Marilyn Machado, Bill Seavey

  • Public and Director Comments

Discussion of Cal Fire pile burning of 450 piles of French Broom in progress along Cambria Pines Road and adjacent neighborhoods.  Residents expressed concerns about safety, inhaling smoke, scorching adjacent trees and piles left smouldering or burning unattended.  Alternate disposal methods discussed included hauling away, use of burn cages and use of air curtain burners.  Glynda agreed to contact Chief Hollingsworth (Cambria Fire), Alan Peters and Alex Greg (Cal Fire) and Dan Turner (Fire Safe Council).

Concerns also were expressed about the proposed use of Roundup herbicide to control French Broom resprouts in the future.

  • Approve Minutes of September Meeting

Tabled to December meeting.

  • Treasurer’s Report

Beginning balance: $1435.60, minus $114 for order of trifold flyers and $516 for Directors and Officers liability insurance premium.  Closing balance $805.38

5.0  Sub-Committee Reports

5.1  Education/Planting/Mitigation/Operations

Distribution of Invasive Weed Guide – no report

Educational Projects – no report

5.2 Forest Management

Dead Tree Removal Practices Letter – no report

6.0  Report from Fire Safe Focus Group

6.1   Grant Projects Planning

No meeting this month.  Shirley Bianchi stepping down as chairperson.

7.0  New Business

7.1  New Tri-fold Printing Order

Complete.  See Treasurers report.

8.0  Unfinished Business

8.1  Nominating Committee / Officer Elections

Elected the following by ballot:

Chairman:  Crosby Swartz 6-0

Vice Chairperson:  Jo Ellen Butler 6-0

Secretary:  Christine Heinrichs 6-0

Treasurer:  Laura Swartz 6-0

8.2  Director Liability Insurance

Complete.  See Treasurers report.

8.3  Fuel Reduction in Forest Areas

Tabled to December meeting.

9.0  Agenda Items and Speakers for Upcoming Meetings

Rick Hawley will speak at the January meeting.

10.0  Public and Director Comments

Chairman Swartz announced the passing of Don Canestro, Rancho Marino Manager

11.0  Adjournment

Next Meeting December 12, 2018

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