Minutes September 2018



Minutes September 2018

September 12, 2018, 6:30 PM

Cambria Rabobank, 1070 Main Street

The Meeting was called to order at 6:40 PM with a Quorum: Crosby and Laura Swartz, JoEllen Butler and Julie Jorgenson. Also attending were Donn Howell, candidate for Cambria CSD board; Harry Farmer, CCSD Liaison to the Forest Committee; Laurel Stewart, NCAC representative; Nancy Anderson, Greenspace representative; Brad Seek; Peter Frey; and new resident Paul Nugent.

August Meeting Minutes were approved with some changes, to be forwarded to Secretary Christine Heinrichs for revision.

Treasurer’s Report: Laura Swartz, Treasurer, reported the account balance is $1,435.60 Balance with no outstanding debits, and no grant money left from the Community Council.

Sub-Committee Reports


  1. Director and Officer Liability Insurance: The application was sent off today.     Crosby plans to get together with the insurance agent to discuss.
  2. Cambria Community Council Grant Application: We will thank them for what they have done in the past – they fund a lot of projects.

A future grant application could be submitted to fund reforesting the plot.

Considerable discussion on this topic with directors and community suggestions. Among the comments/suggestions:

An educational project would tie in with an environmental class at the middle school. Such a project would need to fit with the school curriculum and qualify for credit. We should ask teachers and students what they would like, perhaps offer choices, such as collecting seeds.

Forest Management

Dead Tree Removal Practices Letter:

Fire Safe Council has 4 grants, one for Cambria.  Rick Hawley (Greenspace) and Christine working with CFC are preparing position paper on good practices for tree removal. Forest management: concern about and suggested focus on French Broom, dead tree removal. Most of the work is scheduled for Covell Ranch. Heritage trees need to be preserved. A biological survey should be done first.

FFRP completed work on road uphill toward Huntington

Report from Fire Safe Focus Group

Grant Update

Dave Pierson, Cambria CSD liaison to the Fire Safe Focus Group reported that weed abatement should be done twice a year, and better methods must be found.

Cal Fire and Cambria Fire Department work together. Cal Fire handles enforcement, including developers, for reasonable enforcement.

At the October meeting, we will discuss exemptions, including individual requirements for wetlands conservation easements, which are not “one size fits all;” the requirement for 100 feet of defensible space 100 feet. Director Julie Jorgenson noted that in Cambria houses are closer to each other than that.

Reminder letters need to be sent to property owners

Removal of invasive plants

Dan Turner gave the Fire Safe Focus Group an update on new grants, targeting a two-month window.  Some retired firefighters are available to do inspections for flexible ember proofing and to spot fires.

The grant requires a new timber harvest plan, for which public meetings will be held and public comments accepted. A new policy allows the State to advance money rather than reimburse.

Members discussed adding new red flag warning signs or placards that could be displayed at West Main and Highway 1, indicating Fire Danger warnings, None to Extreme.

Focus on French Broom:  Some residents are planting French broom. The Committee could place an outreach ad warning people not to plant it.

New Business

Nominating Committee should be formed to organize Officer Elections and review the bylaws.

Unfinished Business

Director Liability Insurance: Crosby will meet with the agent.

Fuel Reduction in Forest Areas for developed lots. Fire Chief Hollingsworth agrees this doesn’t apply in Fern Canyon:  Poison Oak issue, addressed after fire season is over. Homeowners need simple and straight-forward instructions

Agenda Items and Speakers for Upcoming Meetings:

Rick Hawley – need to decide on topic, could speak on current grant application

Others:  Cal Poly?

October 4th 218 protest: The Forest Committee can address how the Rate Increases will affect tree-related issues

North Coast Area Plan:  The Forest Committee an provide information on tree planting.

Public and Director Comments :  Those attending asked Donn Howell questions about his platform and related issues.

The meeting was Adjourned at 8:50 pm.


Next Meeting October 10, 2018

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