Grant provides Monterey Pines

Camp Ocean Pines gets Monterey Pine trees

In December 2021, Cambria Community Council awarded the Cambria Forest Committee a grant of $650 for Monterey Pine restoration at Camp Ocean Pines. The CCC grant provides $250 for seedlings, which Greenspace will provide at half its usual rate; $150 for protective fencing and screening; $150 for holding and growing; cones; racks; and $100 for a steel planting stick. COP’s goals are educational and experiential. Ten trees a month will be planted for five months.

Crosby and Laura Swartz, co-chairs of the Forest Committee, met with Channing Kaiser, COP’s new Outdoor Education Director, to deliver the tree seedlings and planting materials and supplies in February 2022. They provided demonstrations of recommended tree planting techniques.

The first group of campers learned to plant the trees the first week of February. A second group is scheduled to follow in the second week.

Camp Ocean Pines Planting 2022 Laura ChanningIn the photo, Laura Swartz on the left and Channing Kaiser on the right discuss the tree planting project.

The Cambria Forest Committee is grateful to CCC for its support.

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