What if I see a tree removed?

The San Luis Obispo County Code enforces the regulations and ordinances of in order to maintain a healthy, safe and clean living environment for the citizens of the county. The Code Enforcement Unit of the Department of Planning and Building is responsible for enforcing land use and local environmental laws in the unincorporated areas of the County of San Luis Obispo.  Land use laws are sometimes called zoning laws, and include regulations on storage, parking, construction, substandard and dangerous structures, mining, resource removal, signs, area standards and noise.

The County provides a form for reports of code violations of all kinds, including unpermitted tree removals. A permit from the county is required to remove Monterey Pine and Coast Live Oak trees. The permits also specify that when such trees are removed, they must be replaced with new trees.

If you see a situation in which a living tree has been removed without a permit, you may inform the county by filling out the form located at this link.

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