Meet Forest Committee members at the next Forest Committee meeting, Wednesday, December 14, 6:30 pm at Rabobank.

Download a copy of the Forest Committee’s brochure, At Home in the Forest, from the Frequently Asked Questions page.

The Forest Committee thanks Dr. Sarah Bisbing, Cal Poly professor who is studying Cambria’s Monterey Pine Forest, for her presentation at the August meeting. See the PowerPoint of her presentation here, Bisbing presentation.

Dr. Bisbing directs her students in research across Cambria, evaluating the effects of the drought and disease on the forest. Her research can help guide policies to keep the forest healthy. A healthy forest is less likely to catch fire.

She and her students have set up a permanent plot network at Fiscalini Ranch Preserve, on Covell Ranch, and at Rancho Marino. They use a system to check on the trees and follow how the forest ecosystem changes over time. Recent research shows mature and senescent (old) trees dying, but new trees sprouting despite the drought.

Data compiled into graphs is posted on the Forest Committee’s web site. She explained her work in her talk. Please contact the Forest Committee, forest @ cambriaforestcommittee.org, if you have questions or would like more information.

Cambria has a Forest Management Plan, but the CSD has never funded it. The Grand Jury’s report Assessing Fire Risk in Cambria recommended that the CSD obtain funding to improve forest management.

“A key piece of successful forest management is in providing local communities with the information they need to make appropriate and ecologically-based decisions,” says a blog post from her Bisbing Forest Ecology and Silviculture Lab.

Cal Fire is removing dead trees from the forest to reduce the amount of fuel available for a fire, to protect the community.

“My dataset shows that there are multiple canopy layers of younger trees that can move into the upper canopy,” Dr. Bisbing said.

Read the Community Wildfire Protection Plan posted under Forest-Related documents.

Volunteer to help the Cambria Forest Committee preserve Cambria’s Monterey Pine Forest. The Forest Committee is compiling a Guide to Invasive Weeds of Cambria. What’s on your Top Ten Worst Invaders? Tell us, and we’ll target it in the Guide.

Would you like to pull weeds, get rid of those nasty invasives that are creeping into our forest? Do you have computer skills? Would you like to use your artistic talent to create informational materials that convey the forest’s beauty? What is your talent? The Forest Committee welcomes you. Contact us at forest@cambriaforestcommittee.org and we will put you to work.

In 1985, The Land Conservancy was selected as the implementing nonprofit agency as required for government agencies to operate the Transfer Development Credit Ordinance. Following the completion of the Cambria-Lodge-Hill Restoration Plan, the TDC program received seed money from the state Coastal Conservancy to begin retiring lots. Lots retired from development are permanently restricted to open space and their development rights can be transferred to areas in Cambria where development is better suited and which will have a reduced impact on the health of the native Monterey pine forest. The County directs landowners who wish to exceed present county development standards to The Land Conservancy to purchase TDCs. That money is then used to purchase additional undeveloped lots and retire them from development, and the cycle continues.

In March 2016, after a four year hiatus, the Cambria CSD accepted 52 lots from the Land Conservancy. That allows the program to continue. Read the news report here.

The CSD established a Buildout Reduction Committee to move the program forward. Follow the committee’s progress at the tab above.

Grant to remove dead trees

Cambria has been awarded a $498,736 grant to reduce the fire fuel hazard of dead trees. Read the Cambrian’s coverage here.  Greenspace executive director Connie Gannon writes about how this can involve the Forest Committee here.

The Organizational and Funding Options for Implementation for the Cambria Monterey Pine Forest Management Plan is now posted on the Forest-Related Documents page. The Forest Management Plan is also posted there.

This site contains information about the Cambria Forest Committee including

The Committee meets on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 6:30 pm at Rabobank on Main Street in Cambria. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Contact the Committee by e-mail:  forest @ cambriaforestcommittee.org

Contact us by mail at:  Cambria Forest Committee    PO Box 23   Cambria, CA 93428

Covell Ranch Fuel Break Information

View information about the Covell Ranch Fire Fuel Break plans on the Special Projects page.

Next Meeting: December 14, 2016, Rabobank, Cambria.  6:30pm  Open to everyone.

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