Care of Coast Live Oaks

Oak tree care


The California Oak Foundation is dedicated to the conservation and perpetuation of California’s native oak woodlands. The California Oak Foundation educates the general public and decision-makers about the importance of oak woodlands to California’s wildlife habitat, watersheds, and quality of life through its newsletters, bulletins, books, symposia, and workshops.

Brochures available online in PDF format:

How to Collect, Store, and Plant Acorns

Care of California’s Native Oaks

Lichens and Oaks: A Deep Partnership by Stephen Sharnoff

Confessions of a Gall Hunter by Ron Russo

Oak Gall Poster by Ron Russo

Articles of Interest (PDF format)

Don’t Top Trees

Out on a Limb with Mistletoe
By David Lukas, Published by Bay Nature Magazine October-December 2007

Blue Oaks Adapt to Dry Summer
Information on the variety of characteristics of blue oaks that prepare them for long seasons of no rain.

Oak Habitat Restoration Project
Volunteers harvested and planted acorns, then installed tree shelters and watered the resulting seedlings. The project became a unit of the Walnut Creek Open Space Foundation.

Sample Language for Proposed General Plan

Arborists Specializing in California Native Oaks

Contact the professional associations listed below:

California Oaks
a project of California Wildlife Foundation
428 13th Street, Suite 10A
Oakland, CA  94612
Phone:  510/763-0282
Fax:  510/208-4435

CWF is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation,

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