Minutes December 2021



Minutes December 2021

December 8, 2021, 5:30 PM

Zoom.com Video Teleconference

Crosby Swartz called the meeting to order at 5:30 pm. A Quorum was established by attendance of Crosby and Laura Swartz, Christine Heinrichs, John Seed, Greenspace board president acting for Greenspace, and Harry Farmer, Liaison for the Cambria CSD. Neil Havlik representing California Native Plant Society, Andrew Boyd-Goodrich, executive director of Camp Ocean Pines, and Cambria resident Elizabeth Bettenhausen also attended.

Public and Director Comments:

The EV charging station was installed in the parking space previously designated for handicapped use at the Vet Hall. American Legion members have complained to the board. The charging station was installed after a matching funds grant was identified to pay half for it. Whether it will generate enough income to cover the district’s costs remains to be seen.

The Minutes of the November Meeting were approved as amended.

Treasurer’s Report:

Laura Swartz reports the account balance at $1,168.50, including $350 in donations from directors. Cambria Community Council awarded the Forest Committee a grant of $650 for Monterey Pine restoration at Camp Ocean Pines. She will keep those funds separate in accounting.

The CCC grant of $650 provides $250 for seedlings, $150 for protective fencing and screening, $150 for holding and growing, cones, racks, and $100 for a steel planting stick. COP’s goals are educational and experiential. Ten trees a month will be planted for five months. The new Outdoor Education Director will arrive to take over her duties in January.

Sub-Committee Reports


                 CCSD Finance Committee Recommendation to Divest Forest Parcels was included in its report to the CCSD board. TDCs and the Buildout Reduction Plan could provide legal defense against recent lawsuit claims that the district has taken property value.

From the BRP Report, page 5: “In addition, by providing an opportunity for property owners to sell undeveloped parcels the BRP and TDC substantially reduce the risk of litigation by such property owners related to the issue of water connections and building permits in the future.”

Crosby and other directors will bring that point up at the board’s Strategic Plan workshop in January.

A map of the conserved parcels is posted in the Vacant Parcel Assessment report on web site http://cambriaforestcommittee.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/Cambria-Vacant-Parcel-Assessment.pdf

Report from Fire Safe Focus Group

Dan Turner, business manager for county Fire Safe Council, gave a report on the Covell Ranch Fuel Reduction Project, which was begun on October 20. He invited Neil Havlik to inspect two test parcels that have been set up, one to remove all trees at 4 inches or less DBA, the other all trees at 8 inches or less DBA. Mr. Havlik was satisfied by the results. In the 8-inch plot, healthy smaller trees were left standing. Tree spacing of 15 to 20 feet is also being used as a criterion. The requirement for buffers around wood rat nests protected substantial sections.

“In my professional judgment, wildlife habitat value was not seriously compromised,” Mr. Havlik said.

Forestry monitors will observe the project and CNPS observers will continue to evaluate the project.

Harry Farmer expressed concern that too many trees and understory are being removed. He and Neil will arrange a time to walk the area, take pictures and confer. They will report at the January meeting.

New fire prevention grants are available, applications due Feb 9. Grants are available for updating forest management plans.

New Business

       Approve expenditures for Camp Ocean Pines Tree Planting Project:

The directors approved a motion to allow Laura to spend the $650 grant money as needed on supplies. She will confer with Andrew Boyd-Goodrich and the Outdoor Education director.

Unfinished Business

          Report – CCSD Forest Management Ad Hoc Committee

Harry reported that advisors from Cal Fire and other traditional forestry sources have been heard. He will invite Bryant Baker, conservation director of Los Padres Forest Watch to add his perspective in January. Mr. Baker advocates for supporting forest ecological systems to avoid clearing which results in hotter, drier forests that are more vulnerable to fire after fuel reduction.

Public and Director Comments:

Laura Thanked Mr. Boyd-Goodrich for attending the meeting. He will encourage the Outdoor Education director to attend in future.

Future Agenda Items and Speakers

Los Padres Forest Watch Webinar: Crosby and Christine will work on getting the webinar for a future public presentation.

Adjourned at 7:20 pm.

Next Meeting January 12, 2022, 5:30 pm


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