Minutes September 2019



Minutes September 2019

September 11, 2019

TIME:  6:30 PM

LOCATION:  Mechanics Bank, 1070 Main Street, Cambria

  • Call to Order and Establish a Quorum

Directors Crosby Swartz, Laura Swartz, JoEllen Butler, Andrea Wogsland, Harry Farmer (CCSD Liaison).  Guests Allyson Dallmann, Linda Poppenheimer, Tori Poppenheimer, Laurel Stewart.

  • Public and Director Comments

Guest Allyson Dallmann presented information about government and industry attempts to bypass the requirements of the Endangered Species Act, Minutes September 2019 Protect ESA flyer .

Chairman Swartz emailed link to LA Times article about fire fuel reduction and ember proofing homes (https://www.latimes.com/projects/wildfire-california-fuel-breaks-newsom-paradise/).

Director Farmer recommended recent Your Call Radio program “One Planet: The Threats to America’s Public Lands”.

Director Wogsland had information about the upcoming Beach Cleanup event on the 21st.  Greenspace is organizing the cleanup at Moonstone Beach / Santa Rosa Creek.  FFRP is organizing the cleanup at Otter Cove and the Ranch Preserve beach.  The event organizers are looking for a site captain for the Pico Creek cleanup.

North Coast Advisory Council and Land Use Committee member Laurel Stewart reported on new comment period on Ragged Point Inn expansion project.

  • Approve Minutes of August Meeting


  • Treasurer’s Report

Balance $942.60.  No remaining grant balances.

5.0  Sub-Committee Reports

5.1  Education/Planting/Mitigation/Operations

Greenspace Native Plant Garden

Several Directors attended the open house at the new Greenspace Native Plant Garden.  Thanks for the excellent design and construction of the garden by Amanda Goudy and others.  Open Saturdays 1 to 3 through October, then Sundays 12 to 2 beginning in November.

Grant Opportunities

Guest Linda Poppenheimer presented information about environmental grants from the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation and Patagonia.

Discussion about New Yorker article “A day in the Life of a Tree” and potential applications of precision wireless dendrometers and the EcoSensor Network to monitor trees in the Cambria forest.

Rabobank is now Mechanics Bank.  Meeting room still available to CFC.

5.2 Forest Management

Fuel Reduction Project – Hwy 1 below Ramsey

Discussion of current fuel reduction project on the Fiscalini Ranch Preserve and surrounding forested areas adjacent to Hwy 1.  Several directors have inspected completed areas and have expressed concern about the excessive trimming/removal of understory vegetation and excessive pruning/limbing up of live trees.  Chairman Swartz passed around photographs of completed areas.

  • Report from Fire Safe Focus Group

Meeting re-scheduled to 9-18-19 at 3:00 PM.

7.0  New Business – No New Business

8.0  Unfinished Business

8.1   Forest Impact Mitigation Measure

Nothing new to report.

8.2  Greenspace / Forest Committee Letter

Discussion about revising draft Greenspace / Forest Committee letter to focus on specific recommendations and practices for the Fiscalini Ranch Preserve fuel reduction project.

9.0  Public and Director Comments

10.0  Adjournment

Meeting adjourned at 7:55 PM.  Guest Allyson Dallmann remained to answer questions about the Endangered Species Act and distribute a petition.

Next Meeting October 9, 2019

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