Minutes June 2019



Meeting Minutes June 2019

June 12, 2019, 6:30 PM

Cambria Rabobank, 1070 Main Street

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm and a Quorum established by attendance of Crosby and Laura Swartz, Paul Nugent, JoEllen Butler, Andrea Wogsland, executive director of Greenspace, and Christine Heinrichs. CSD Liaison Harry Farmer, Donn Howell, CSD director and chair of the Resources & Infrastructure Committee, and Andrew Boyd-Goodrich, executive director of Camp Ocean Pines also attended.

Andrea Wogsland was officially elected unanimously to the Forest Committee board. She holds a position as executive director of Greenspace.

In Public and Director Comment, Chair Crosby Swartz said that the unstructured committee discussions may go off topic, but that he will keep everyone focused on the business at hand. Comments from the public are always welcome.

Minutes of the May meeting were approved with several amendments, on a motion by JoEllen seconded by Laura.

Treasurer’s Report: Laura reported a balance of $1,042.60 after FFRP reimbursed the Forest Committee $53.43 for the Earth Day banner.

Sub-Committee Reports

       Education/Planting Mitigation/Operations

Website Domain Name Registration issue: Paul Nugent will accept billing for the domain name. He will provide password information to Laura for access.

The Monterey Pine seedlings Paul is growing for Greenspace are doing well. About half have sprouted. He protects them from birds and rodents with chicken wire and quarter inch mesh. Harry Farmer announced that SLO Master Gardeners offer a regular monthly presentation and keeping predators out of your garden will be the subject of the June presentation.

Ideas for projects for Cambria Community Council grants:

Laura had three suggestions:

  1. Collaborating with Greenspace on one or more of their projects
  2. Invited speakers
  3. A community campaign against invasive weeds. Broom Busters is a successful community weed management program on Vancouver Island, BC.

Crosby suggested presenting videos for the public.

Directors will research speakers and videos.

Forest Management

Fire Hazard Fuel Reduction Guidelines: Laura had nothing new to report. Fire Chief Hollingsworth understands the issues of differential standards required for developed and conserved lots. Paul reported that Dave Pierson and Michael Calderwood are working to resolve the issue of divided agency responsibility. Cal Fire is responsible for developed lots, and CSD is responsible for undeveloped lots. The CSD is the logical agency to enforce weed abatement on all lots, but how to pay for the inspections has not been resolved.

Invasive Borer Workshop: Christine reported on the invasion of the Gold Spotted Oak Borer and Shot Hole Borer from a workshop held in May by US Agriculture and Natural Resources. Information is posted on the Forest Committee website and at gsob.org and pshb.org. These insects have killed trees in Southern California and have been found in SLO County. They spread through transport of infested firewood. Buy It where you Burn It. The community needs to be cautioned not to transport firewood.

Galling fly: This insect may be effective in controlling Cape Ivy. USDA scientists have released some in Bay Area and SLO County locations. USDA is working with Jon Hall, stewardship director for the Land Conservancy of SLO County. Christine will invite Tom Dudley of UCSB, who may be looking for release locations in SLO County, to speak at a Forest Committee meeting. Crosby will contact Jon Hall. The Forest Committee may make a field trip.

Report from Fire Safe Focus Group: Paul and JoEllen attended. JoEllen passed around flyers for Wildfire Preparedness Day, June 29. Results of the evacuation study will be explained and advice for coping with power shutdowns offered. JoEllen reported that Cal Fire will start using 30 percent vinegar, as recommended by Laura, on broom along Cambria Pines Road.

Old Business

Greenspace / Forest Committee Letter: Needs to be aligned with the Forest Practices Act. Christine and Crosby will confer to resolve.

Dark Skies Initiative Support Letter: Laura’s comment on the beauty of the forest in natural moonlight will be included and the letter forwarded to Claudia Harmon Worthen of Beautify Cambria Association to show the Forest Committee’s support for the Dark Skies Initiative.

Public and Director Comments: Andrea  raised the issue of the new definition of ‘impacted tree’ used in the recent Minor Use Permit for a guest house, requiring replacement at a 2:1 ratio, rather than 4:1. Crosby will pursue the question with Airlin Singewald, county planner.

Andrea reported that at the ReLeaf conference she attended, speakers encouraged nonprofit members to develop relationships with planners. She also heard about tools to help trees survive in urban settings, such as panels in sidewalks to accommodate root growth. Airlin Singewald is the county planner who handles Cambia issues and Art Trinidade is the county code enforcement officer. Supervisor Bruce Gibson holds open hours at the library on the third Wednesday of the month, before attending NCAC meetings.

Andrew Boyd-Goodrich discussed Camp Ocean Pines’ role in conserving the forest. Camp Ocean Pines has 13 acres of forest, subject to often conflicting missions: residential, ecologic and educational. “We are educating the people who will be around this table in 25 years,” he said. “We want to be a responsible steward of the forest as well as an educational site.” One of the Forest Committee’s informational signs is located at Camp Ocean Pines.

The meeting adjourned at JoEllen’s motion at 8:24 pm

Next Meeting July 10, 2019

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