Minutes January 2017

Minutes January 2017



Meeting Minutes

January 11, 2016  6:30 PM

Cambria Rabobank, 1070 Main Street

A Quorum was established by directors Crosby and Laura Swartz, JoEllen Butler, Julie Jorgenson and Christine Heinrichs. Harry Farmer of CCSD, Tony Church of NCAC, and Nancy Anderson of Greenspace also attended.

Harry Farmer plans to attend the Forest Committee as a representative of the CSD board for the next four years of his term.  CCSD Director Amanda Rice arrived later in the meeting.

Minutes of the November meeting were approved as written. The short informal report of the December meeting will be distributed to those who did not attend.

Treasurer’s Report: Laura Swartz reported a total of $2,873.95, including $495 in CCC Grant 3. Some bills have been paid. The $750 CCC Grant was deposited and is included in the total. Nothing has been spent from that grant yet. Grant funds require separate accounting.

Sub-Committee Reports


Community Council Grant Award Meeting: Laura Swartz accepted the check for $750 towards educational and public information, specifically the Invasive Weed Guide.

Pine Forest Flyer: has been printed. Laura will place it in the Historic Society kiosk container and leave some with Penny Church at the Historic Society to keep the container filled.

County Permit Referral Packages: The Forest Committee is still not getting them from the County. Tony Church of NCAC’s Land Use Committee reported that no trees were involved in the two most recent applications. Crosby Swartz will follow up with the county to get the Forest Committee back on the notification list.

Forest Management: Crosby will contact Fire Safe Council Business Manager Dan Turner regarding an area below Strawberry Canyon that has trees down and leaning on each other, creating a ladder fuel situation. Turner sets the schedule for hazardous fuel removal under the existing grants. The Forest Committee members are encouraged to identify situations not covered by existing grants as possible projects.

Sudden Oak Death Survey Planning: Citizen Science Project. The Forest Committee will publicize SODBLITZ, https://nature.berkeley.edu/garbelottowp/?page_id=148, when dates have been set.

Endangered Species Status for Monterey Pines: Julie will work with Connie on this long-range project.

Impact of Recent Storms: JoEllen Butler of FFRP reported that at least one bridge on the ranch washed out. Some trees have come down. The erosion control project at Seaclift Estates will need some repairs. The straw berms will have to be replaced. Harry Farmer reports that Strawberry Canyon has more standing and running water than it has had in a long time. “It’s soul-nourishing to hear the water running down,” he said. Julie Jorgenson heard running water in Fern Canyon for the first time since she moved into her home two years ago. Highway 41 is closed, Santa Rosa Creek Road is closed, Highway 1 is closed at Ragged Point. Highway 46 is open. Amanda Rice reported that the well field flooded but wells were not inundated. Some water got into the brine pond.

Report from Fire Safe Focus Group: Flooding in the West Village is affected by high tides, which push water up Santa Rosa Creek. Dan Turner reported that he now has money available for tree removal.  Crosby will check with Alan Peters of Cal Fire regarding the requirements for tree replanting. The biomass cogeneration plant was discussed. Noise levels will be determined and the plant will be constructed to comply with them.

New Business

Smartphone Forest Application: Amanda talked to a friend who makes apps professionally regarding the Invasive Weeds app. She will bring a report and contact information to the February meeting. The Cambria Chamber of Commerce has a Visit Cambria app, which includes hikes and other outdoor activities. Members discussed the possibility of adding a Forest Committee app describing plants and wildlife in the forest to that. Laura suggested that a grant would be possible to fund one or both.

Unfinished Business

State Responsibility Area Grant Application: JoEllen said some grants are coming up. Dan Turner will have a meeting with forest-related organizations soon.

Public and Director Comments: Amanda Rice will discuss asking Fire Chief Bill Hollingsworth attend Forest Committee meetings. She will assign Harry Farmer as the CSD Board official liaison to the Forest Committee at the next CSD meeting.

Christine Heinrichs will attend the annual meeting of the Society of American Foresters in Los Angeles January 19-20.

Amanda Rice will attend the Climate Change Symposium of the Department of Resources at the end of January. She is concerned about changes to the Resource Management System intended to make it more flexible. The changes will reduce the lead time, which is intended to require planning years in advance. She will report at the February meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 8 pm. Next Meeting February 8, 2017

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