Forest Carbon and Climate

The Forest Carbon and Climate Program at the Department of Forestry at Michigan State University offered an online program here.

Course information

This short course, curated by Michigan State University’s Forest Carbon and Climate Program, will develop foundational knowledge in the relationship between climate regulation, forests, and forest carbon. In five modules, the course covers the 1) Carbon Cycle and Storage, 2) Humans, the Global Carbon Cycle, and Terrestrial Sinks, 3) Forest Ecosystems and Carbon Storage, 4) Forest Ecosystem Carbon Pools and Fluxes, and 5) Disturbances and their Carbon Impact. Each module will outline its respective learning objectives. Course content will include recorded presentations, links to online resources, and recommended reading.

Is this course for you?

This course is intended for the novice or aspiring forest carbon and climate novice who is seeking to get a better understanding of climate regulation and forest carbon within the context of forests and forestry. This foundational course covers the fundamentals to help better equip you in the conversation of climate and forest carbon with your colleagues, customers, and other diverse audiences. This course may also serve as a refresher to your understanding. Reinforcing your knowledge can strengthen your understanding, especially as new resources, tools, and policies may emerge as they relate to climate regulation and forest carbon.

The following are the printed material used in the course.

Carbon Cycle and Sinks

Carbon Cycle and Storage

Disturbances and Carbon Impact

Ecosystem Carbon Pools and Fluxes

Forest Ecosystems and Carbon Storage


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