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Cambria Forest Management Plan

This Forest Management Plan was made possible by a grant from the California Department of forestry and Fire Protection (CDF) under Senate Bill No. SB 1712 which allocated $350,000/yr for six years to undertake the management of pitch canker invasion of California’s Monterey pine forests.
SB 1712 was sponsored by Senator McPherson and Assemblyman Fred Keeley. The bill was passed and signed into law on 21 September 1998. The fund has been administered by the CDF.
In 1999 a Grant of $110,000 was awarded to the Cambria Community Services District to develop a management plan for the indigenous stand of Monterey pines (Pinus radiata Don) in and around the Community of Cambria in Northwest San Luis Obispo County.
The consulting firm of Jones & Stokes was engaged to develop the management plan and ancillary documents under the guidance of the Cambria Forest Committee. The Committee is a 501(c)(3) Non- Profit, Public Benefit California Corporation.

Download here:  Cambria_Forest_Management_Plan_4_02

Organizational and Funding Options for Implementation of Cambria’s Monterey Pine Forest Management Plan

describes six major organizational options for implementing the Forest Management Plan: Land Trust; State conservancy; Open Space District or Authority; Community Services District; Resource Conservation District; or Advocacy group. The Forest Management District can be formed under one or a combination of two of these structures.

Download here:  Organizational and Funding Options for Implementation of Cambria’s Monterey Pine Forest Management Plan posted here.

Tree Removal: Title 23 of the Coastal Zone Land Use Ordinance

The Coastal Zone Land Use Ordinance,  which includes Cambria, has the specific conditions and requirements for tree removal in Title 23.

23.05.060 – Tree Removal.
The purpose of these standards is to protect existing trees and other coastal vegetation from indiscriminate or unnecessary removal consistent with Local Coastal Plan policies and pursuant to Section 30251 of the Coastal Act which requires protection of scenic and visual qualities of coastal areas. Tree removal means the destruction or displacement of a tree by cutting, bulldozing, or other mechanical or chemical methods, which results in physical transportation of the tree from its site and/or death of the tree.

The full requirements are posted here.

County and State Codes Related to Habitat Protection and
Wildland Fire Prevention in Cambria

Compiled by the Cambria Forest Committee June 2009

This is a compendium of the more important and relevant San Luis Obispo County
and California State codes that relate to the protection of the unique Monterey pine
and coast live oak forest habitat that Cambria falls within and the prevention of
wildland fires in Cambria.

Download Here: Code Compendium May 09

Tales from the Cambria Woods

A collection of essays about our forest compiled by the Cambria Forest Committee March 2002

Download Here:TalesCambriaWoods

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